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Hey there!
i'm khadirah muhammad

I’m a Marketing Automation & Systems Engineer helping busy CEOs spend more time with their families by leveraging systems and automation without the overwhelm

Who is Khadirah Muhammad?

Khadirah Muhammad, the number 1 Marketing Automation & Systems Engineer and Founder of The Alliance for Business Excellence, embarked on her entrepreneurial path at 18 with a noble goal—retiring her parents. 

Along the way she soon discovered a deep passion for systems and automation to save herself and other business owners the only asset they can never get more of – their time! 

One of her stellar achievements includes scaling a client’s 2-person venture from $15,000 to $80,000 monthly revenue within just 60 days through her high quality automation and system setups.

Now, through her innovative 4C Method, she helps professional service providers be more present at games, recitals, and other family events while scaling their companies by leveraging systems and automation without being overwhelmed.

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